Product Highlights:

  • 4K/120fps
  • Super 35mm CMOS sensor with low noise
  • Dual Gain Output
  • 16+ stops of dynamic range
  • RF Mount Enhanced imaging system platform
  • 4K (4:2:2 10-bit)
  • Up to 410Mbps internal recording, supporting ALL-I and Long GOP formats
  • MP4 (4:2:2 10-bit)
  • Up to 225Mbps internal recording, supporting Long GOP format and HVEC
  • Dual SD Card Slots


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Welcome to a new age

The EOS C70 is a new generation RF Mount Cinema EOS System camera featuring Canon’s 4K Super 35mm DGO sensor. With 4K 120P Slow Motion, High Dynamic Range and Dual Pixel CMOS AF in a compact body, it takes the RF System into a brand-new era.

RF Mount

Featuring the RF mount system, the EOS C70 bridges DILC & Cinema Cameras.

Dual Gain Output

The EOS C70 uses Canon’s new 4K Super 35mm DGO sensor with HDR capabilities.


High frame rate 4K shooting at 120fps with audio recording & DPAF.

Dual SD Card Slots

Dual UHS-II SD card slots enable simultaneous / relay recording of 4K XF-AVC / MP4 files (4:2:2 10-bit).

Dual Pixel CMOS AF

Improved Dual Pixel Auto Focus with intelligent tracking and a new touch user interface.


Compatible with the new MOUNT ADAPTER EF-EOS R 0.71x giving users access to the extensive range of Canon EF mount lenses.

Cinema RAW light

The EOS C70 now features 12-bit RAW recording with Cinema RAW Light up to 645Mbps, truly unleashing the exceptional capabilities of its Super 35mm DGO sensor. Three Cinema RAW Light options are available including LT (Light), ST (Standard) and HQ (High Quality), as well as options for Super 35mm and Super 16mm formats. In addition to existing 4:2:2 10-bit XF-AVC and HEVC recording formats, the EOS C70 now provides even greater workflow flexibility for your production needs.

The RF Mount. The future of imaging

The large diameter RF mount with its short back focus and 12-pin communication delivers a balance of optical and electronic innovation plus scintillating AF speed from Canon’s range of RF lenses.

Versatile. Flexible. Reliable. Your new workhorse

The EOS C70 uses design cues from other RF mount cameras from Canon, with additional controls, environmental protection and a convenient size to fit your production rig.

4K Super 35mm DGO sensor for truly impressive image quality

Equipped with a newly developed 4K Super 35mm sensor and DIGIC DV7 image processor, the EOS C70 delivers a high-resolution image with 16+ stops of Dynamic Range.

Multiple recording formats

Dual UHS-II SD card slots enable simultaneous or relay recording, in different formats. XF-AVC supports ALL-I and Long-GOP, while MP4 recording offers further flexibility.

Lens Versatility

RF lenses offer exceptional quality and speed, with performance optimised for the EOS C70 and EOS R-series cameras. Super-fast focusing and outstanding optical quality combine with unique features such as a Lens Control Ring to provide additional control over settings. EOS R System adapters offer additional creative control, enabling filmmakers to use their existing EF and EF-S lenses. The MOUNT ADAPTER EF-EOS R 0.71x is an EF to RF mount adapter for using the broad range of Full Frame Canon EF lenses, whilst maintaining the same Full Frame angle of view when used with Super 35mm format.
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EOS C70 Body
Handle Unit
Mic Holder Unit
Mic Holder Adapter
Battery Pack BP-A30
Battery Charger CG-A20
Compact Power Adapter CA-CP200L
Shoulder Strap
Body Cap
Measure Hook